Top Benefits Leaders Choose Grand Rounds Summit for Clinical Navigation

By Jenn Davis
August 7, 2018

At Grand Rounds, we’re transforming how health care is delivered by connecting people to the right care at the right time. We do this by focusing on the match that matters: that between a patient and their doctor. We connect people with high-quality doctors for their specific health care needs.

When Grand Rounds first opened our doors in 2011, we focused on helping those with complex health conditions through our expert opinions offering. More than two-thirds (67%) of our expert opinions result in a change in diagnosis or treatment plan. There was a clear opportunity to get our members on the right treatment path by connecting them with high-quality, appropriate local care.

Another key insight from our complex care solution: we were engaging patients late in their health care journey—we could have a greater impact earlier on and serve even more people. This is how Summit, our clinical navigation solution, came to be.

With clinical navigation, our members get expert guidance on where to receive care and on how best to engage with their health care benefits—no matter how complex or straightforward their needs. And employers—who are responsible for the lion’s share of health care costs in the U.S.—get a virtual network optimized for quality and better outcomes.

Hear why benefits leaders are choosing Grand Rounds Summit as their health care navigation solution for their employees.

By connecting to more people sooner, we avoid more wasteful health care spending and complexities later. We’re using technology to do this effectively and efficiently, while our award-winning, physician-led care team offers empathetic, personalized guidance for our 4.2 million members.

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Jenn Davis

Jenn Davis

Jenn leads the Content team at Grand Rounds. Previously, she spent 10+ years leading PR and integrated marketing programs for global technology and health care brands in the Bay Area and Seattle. Jenn holds a BA in Communications from the University of Washington.